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The SANDEC Services

We at SANDEC offer services in the following areas:

Software Development

First of all SANDEC can offer Software Development Services in general, based on a variety of different technologies. Our group in Budapest can offer a team of highly qualified senior developers with long time experience in many different technologies. For more details, please contact us.

Services related to SimpleFX Projects

For our SimpleFX customers we offer training-courses, consultancy of different kind, as well as software development resources for those who need. For those who want to boost the take-off of initial SimpleFX projects, we offer initial seminars and a follow-up-program with learning-by-doing activities. This we do to your best, to giude you, to make sure you have the shortest path to a successfull market launch and project completion.

Services related to other Projects

We at SANDEC can offer you a set of IT-related services in the area of Scala, Java and Media-related software development. Of course, our main focus is to offer optimal support for our SimpleFX users. But, as long as a project is interesting to us from a technical perspective, and as long as we feel confident that our contribution would help to make it a success, we are highly motivated to join and to support.

Our main focus today is related to the creation of attractive and efficient UIs, as well as the design and implementation of UI DSLs. But, our team brings experience from a variety of related areas, such as MultiMedia Product Design- and -Development, Editorial Systems for Content Creators, Workflow-Driven Research and Collaboration, Distributed Software Architectures and Real-Time Control Systems.

SimpleFX Support

Our SimpleFX users benefit from a variety of services coming along with the support of the product. Here a list of the different components coming along with the SimpleFX support contract:

Updates free of charge

SimpleFX provides upwards-compatible updates, at least, on a monthly basis. These updates contain bug-fixes, performance-improvements, as well as new features.


Users can subscribe to the SimpleFX SupportLetters for information about any technical issues around the product. Those Letters come with the following categories: Bugs, Performance, Useability, NewFeature, BestPractice, Samples (this list will grow ...)

BestPractices/Recommended Patterns

As mentioned above, there is a push-service("Supportletters") providing different kind of relevant information for the customers. One of the categories is the "Recommended Patterns"-category. Here the users receive documentations on how to solve common challenges the best way when using SimpleFX.


Interesting Example-programs("Samples"), including source-code is distributed for free usage. These can be complete applications, tools etc., or libraries/components/classes for free usage by the community-members.


On a regular basis, tutorials in form of Videos and links and source-code are sent to the SimpleFX-subscribers.