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About us ...

We at SANDEC are passionate when it comes to making software development efficient and fun. With our first product - SimpleFX - the first element of a range of products to come is born. They will help software developers create efficient, concise and esthetic code. Today SimpleFX mainly addresses the topic of "Multiplatform User Interface Development", soon analogue approaches for the backend and for distributed software architechtures are to come.

SANDEC consists of a good mix of young and experienced software technologist, as well as many years of experience in the field of software product development. SANDEC's focus is on developing frameworks and tools for the Java Virtual Machine(JVM), with a strong focus on Scala and Java. The tools and the solutions based on SimpleFX are ideal for creating beautiful, top-notch Apps for different desktop-platforms, as well as for Android, iOS and JVM-based embedded devices. Soon, similar solutions will be made available also for the most commonly used Web-Browsers, so that you can run your SimpleFX-Apps almost on any thinkable platform.

Feel free to enjoy some of our Samples.

SANDEC is located at the Munich Technology Park("MTZ"), together with many other young and innovative companies, close to the center of Munich.