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What is SimpleFX?

A DSL/Framework to create top notch UIs to run across serveral platforms. It offers an empowered JavaFX, type-safety and full interoperability to JVM-based languages. Step into the future, and learn about Binding Oriented Programming.

Why SimpleFX?

Programming becomes simpler, you require less time, and most important: programming is real fun! Your code gets short and concise. You save time, costs and nerves!

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For UIs property-binding and animations are like colors in art. With SimpleFX those paradigms as well as Expression Binding, Extension Classes, Event Logic, Object Abilities, Imply-Statements etc., become trivial to use.


Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

With SimpleFX programming is easier, it requires less time, the entry-level is lower, the potential for the novice is higher, code gets short and concise and last but not least, programming is fun! Therefore, Time-To-Market gets significantly shortened. Consequently, your results are of higher quality and Maintenance Costs are substantially reduced.


SimpleFX Training and Seminars

Sign up for Training and learn how to utilize the best of SimpleFX. Training courses of different levels at different places of the world are offered for SimpleFX, JavaFX and Scala. Companies are welcomed to request in-house Seminars, SANDEC-experts are happy to come to Your site to conduct tailer-made courses at Your premises.


SimpleFX Consultancy

Talk to us if You need Expertise and Consultancy in any of the areas SimpleFX, JavaFX or Scala. SANDEC experts are happy to come to You, to join Your project for a limited period of time, part- or full-time.